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What to do if you didn't get your PIN number in 10 mins?

If you place a successful order on our website through Paypal(Not hyperwallet), the PIN number(s) should be automatically delivered to your email address immediately for >99.5% of the orders. If you didn't get the PIN number within 10 mins, it's usually due to:

  • Problem with your mail server. We notice problems with some customers who use email addresses end with hotmail.com, msn.com, or excite.com. Please check your "Junk E-Mail" first. If you can not find PINs there also, then let us know. We usually resend your PIN number to you once we got your email or message about it. But sometimes these emails are not deliverable due to mail server problems. So please consider sending your request from a different email address.

  • Delay with your mail server. You may get it a little later. If this is urgent, please contact us and we can deliver the PIN number(s) over the phone after we verified your identity.

  • In very rare cases, our system may fail to deliver the order. Since we manually check every order daily, these problems will be rectified within one day, usually much sooner.

We hope these will help you out with the PIN delivery.

Thanks for your business!