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Before you submit the form below, please read the information carefully.

  • Make sure you entered the correct email address.
  • As a retailer, we don't have control over the physical system. So if you just tell us that you have problem with your card, we won't be able to know what happened with your card. Please provide the following information if needed.
  • Which phone card you ordered, the order number (invoice number), and the PIN number.
  • The destination number that you dialed. This is usually required when we try to contact the phone card issuing company for you.
  • Were you calling a cell phone? Cell phone may have harder connection or higher rate.
  • Did you use a touch tone phone? Telephone in pulse mode usually gives trouble when using phone cards.
  • Any further details about your phone calls.

We usually suggest you to contact the phone card issuing company directly about the problem you have. You can find their customer service number on our website under every phone card's page. Some phone card issuing companies require the customers to call them directly. Some phone card issuing companies won't issue any credit if you made the phone call more than 2 days ago.

We always try to stand by what we claim on our website and try to help you out whenever problem comes up.


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