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Commonly Encountered Problems with Phone Cards

To help us identify problem early with certain phone cards, please fill out our card rating. Commonly encountered problems with prepaid phone cards can be categorized as following:

Total minutes in the card is different than you expected - this is mostly due to

  1. You are calling a cellular phone. We don't have cellular phone rate information, you can back calculate the rate from the total minutes you get.

  2. A rate update by the phone card company (they do have right to update their rate table without notice).

  3. The number you dialed is recognized as another region (for example, suburb of Moscow may not be recognized as Moscow city, which enjoys much cheaper rate), or a cellular phone (some area codes may be mistakenly recognized as cell phones).

Solution: If you continue the phone call, we will consider that you accept the new rate. There is not much what we can do if your card has been used this way. If the new rate is too high for you, please stop the phone call and contact us about it.

Inaccurate billing or missing minutes - most common problem with prepaid phone cards. Please consider the following factors

  1. If the phone card is 3 mins rounded, the card will be deducted by 3 mins intervals. You may potentially lose up to 3 mins on the card this way.

  2. System error by the phone card company. We ran a stringent testing process on our phone cards before we put them up for sale. If a phone card doesn't have accurate billing, it will usually fail at this step. If your phone card is over deducted, please let us know because the quality for certain phone cards do deteriorate. We can drop a phone card at any time if its billing become inaccurate.

Didn't get a good connection, but balance on the phone card got deducted - This happens very rarely with a couple of our cards. If you contact the customer service of the phone card issuing company, they usually add the balance back right away. If this happens repeatedly, please try it at another time. The phone card may also have problems for the specific region you call. If this is the case, please stop using the same card, and contact us for a card exchange or store credit.

Voice quality too bad - Please check each card for its rating on voice quality before you place the order. Please contact us if you encounter such a problem.

Access number not available - The phone card issuing company may be doing a system upgrade, or experiencing temporary downtime. If this problem persist, please contact us. We can exchange another card for you if you need to make the phone call in urgency.

Always get a busy signal, can't get connected - Certain card(s) for Asian countries tend to have such problems during evening or weekend hours. Please check each card for its rating on connection. Please try it at a different time, or contact us about the problem.